Astoria Post Office Obelisk

While looking for lunch on the way north from Portland to Seattle, I stumbled across this:

Astoria Obelisk

I liked the economy of the inscription. There’s a separate marker nearby which elaborates, and it turns out that Astoria, Oregon had the first US Post Office west of the Rockies. More info on that, here.

Also in Astoria, there’s Lightbox Photographic, a gallery and photo center which was closed when we passed by, but when the owner saw us peeking persistently through the window, he graciously opened up shop and let us come in and look. Go there, and see…

(photo made with an ONDU 6×6.)

One thought on “Astoria Post Office Obelisk

  1. I am so jealous – I have never been able to get into Lightbox. They are always closed when I visit Astoria!

    Great find! i knew about the post office but hadn’t see the obelisk!


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