Wonderful Wonderful Pinholagen

Restrictions lifted and my Pinhole camera took a long overdue trip to Denmark. The remit for these travels was to just test the waters of international travel in a quasi post-pandemic Europe. As we arrived Denmark had more or less eased all restrictions on mask wearing and social distancing. This was a nice surprise and our taxi driver in a very pleasant way insisted it was no longer the law that we wear masks in his car.
The city was a treat and very walkable. I didn’t take many photos because I was busy being social and if I’m honest I kept handing the camera to Nivetha so i’m unsure just how many of these I can claim full artist credit for.

Travels around the country saw us at the famous cliffs of Møns and decamping to “Grandma’s House” where I took an 8 hour long exposure trying to capture a Ghost.

There was as always a little bit of time for portraits.

And to round out the trip there was a little walk in the woods (about 20KM from memory) bit of a mixed bag of stuff from this trip but I enjoyed the photography and chats.

All shot using Illford Ortho 80s and my 6×9 Pinhole camera.

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