Photo by Jeff McConnell

We are a group of friends from around the world who share a love of pinhole photography and adventure. We hope you enjoy our view of these weird and wonderful places.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog drop us a line! We love contributors!

What is a Pinhole camera?

A camera without a lens. It is photography in its very basic form. The aperture is very small, much smaller than with regular cameras. Because of this, longer exposure times are required which can produce interesting effects.  Read more about them at Wikipedia.

What’s with the tag line?

It’s a silly Portlandia reference. You can find us on social media by searching the hashtag #wecanpinholethat. We would also love it if you used the hashtag too so we can find out what interesting things you are pinholing! See what others are pinholing by visiting our #wecanpinholethat tagboard!



Lives in the Portland, Oregon area (USA). Also blogs at Blatherskiteblog.com. You can find more of her photography there or on her Flickr stream.  She shoots primarily with a Zero 4×5, Zero 2000, Schlem 3D printed Terrapin cameras, and more (as things are added to the collection).


Lives in the Dublin, Ireland. Blogs at awareofthevoid.com. You can find more of his photography on the blog or at his Flickr Stream. He shoots with a variety of home made pinhole cameras. Shooting paper, 35mm, 120 and 4 x 5.


Lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You can find more of her photography on her website or on her Flickr stream. She is also participating in the 52 rolls project. Inge uses a variety of pinhole cameras, from 6×6 to 4×5.


Lives in the remote woods of New Jersey. You can find more of his photography at his website or on FB.

Photo by R. Perez

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