Santiago de Compstela

Earlier this year my girlfriend, her mom & dad and myself visited Spain and took a trip out to the town of Santiago de Compostela to see the end of the road for folks who walk the Camino de Santiago.  It can be as much as a 500+ mile hike from the south west corner of France to Santiago if you choose.  People have been hiking this route for hundreds of years for various reasons and it was crazy to see folks complete their trek in the town’s square.

I could of spent the entire day in the square, but alas, we couldn’t.  While sitting in the square and I met a couple from Miami, who had completed the entire hike on their second attempt.

20151028-img033Within the Church of San Francisco are headstones for every priest that has served in this specific church.

20151028-img029When you get onto the 2nd floor and look out you can see the same view that has been had for centuries.  Fortunately this man was drawing his own.



What a lovely view it was…


The square wasn’t very busy but just enough – I could only think of the history that has taken place before I was there and everything else after it.


Lastly, an accidental double-exposure of the entrance gates into the cathedral.  People come and go year round, rain or shine.

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