Roadside Creations: Kansas


Back in August, I drove a little more than 5000 miles, to Colorado and back. I tried to stick to 2-lanes as much as I could, but there was only so much time, so I ended up riding with the semis a bit more than I might’ve liked. Then, on the last day before we made it to Boulder, I spotted a whole mess of whirligigs and cartoon characters, made out of sheet metal, and lining the road for a good quarter mile. So we stopped.

Back home a week or so later, I looked it up, and it turns out that what we’d found was the work of M.T. Liggett of Mullinville, Kansas. (More here on Atlas Obscura.) If you ever find yourself driving US 400 in western Kansas, take a look. It’s worth a stop.

All photos made with an ONDU 6×6 camera.




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