The Burren

Burren1Exposure time: 8 seconds

Recently I went on holiday to Ireland. One of the most beautiful places I visited was the Burren, a national park in the west of Ireland, in County Clare. Most of the area is composed of limestone pavement. The pavement is layered and cracked. This gives it an interesting pattern. The cracks are filled with all kinds of plants, from mint to lovely blue flowers, and from grass to dandelions.

The area also has some interesting ruins, cemeteries, stone piles and dolmens. The most famous dolmen is the Poulnabrone dolmen from the Neolithic period.

Burren2Exposure time: 7 seconds

I enjoyed the visit very much, driving and walking around, and taking in the beautiful views. It is a landscape I had never seen before, and I probably never will again…

Burren4Exposure time: 20 seconds

Burren3Exposure time: 8 seconds

Camera: Holga 120 PC
Film: Rollei RPX25
Pinhole: 0.25mm
Focal Length: 48mm
ISO: 25
Aperture: f192
Dev: lab
Scan: Canon Canoscan 9000F

4 thoughts on “The Burren

  1. Nice photos! One of my favourite places too, the Burren is magical. Did you know that when the remains were dated it was found that there was 600 years between the most recent and the oldest. Amazing to think that for 600 years people were coming here to bury the dead.


    1. Sorry for the late response. Thanks! I didn’t know that, but it is a very interesting fact. It is an amazing place. 🙂


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