Sappho (Revisited) – Pinholed

Pin-holing In the Park

One of two things has happened here.

Option 1: A local graffiti artists familiar with the life and works of the ancient Greek poet Sappho has tagged the neoclassical folly in St Anne’s Park as some sort of modern homage to try and revive the poetry that many have studied and few have understood. There is an additional hint here, the “777” may refer to the year of Sappho’s death, as the dates are disputed by scholars.

Option 2: There is a local graffiti artists that goes by the moniker Sapphire. In keeping with the local traditions of north Dublin they have shortened their name by removing most of the letters and then sticking an “o” on the end. For example my name is Brendan, this can easily be translated into the local language by removing the “dan” and substituting an “o”. My name becomes Bren-o, Sapphire become “Sappho”. You can try this at home with your friends and Family.

I would really like to think that it is Option 1……

Pin-holing In the Park

Homemade 4×5 Pinhole Camera (Horseman 120 rollback fitted)
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Dev: DigiBase C41 Kit – Past its best.
Focal Length:50mm
Exposure: 3 mins

Images are new but the words appeared on my blog about 2 years ago, this is one spot that I revisit a lot and I always find something new to shoot. The self portrait is in keeping with a new tradition of taking a picture of myself every year on my birthday.


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