Rock the Boat – The Burren Co Clare

Rock the Boat - Paper Negative(Inverted)

A sunken boat on a hidden lake at the far end of a long lane in the wilds of County Clare. This was one of my first field trips with my home made pin hole camera.
The work flow here was pretty straight forward, get very wet and very cold. Put your wet hands inside the dark-bag and grab the already damp paper out of the tin. The “camera” was sitting on a rock and got hit by the rising water in the bay. Poke at the paper a bit to try and figure out which is the magic side, give up and just shove it back into the box. Develop in the normal way.

Camera:Homemade Pinhole
Paper: Ilford MG IV Rated at 6 ISO
Focal Length:103mm(ish)
Dev: Ilford Multigrade
Scan:Epson V330 inverted in GMIP

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