Croagh Patrick – Irelands Holy Mountain


A few years ago I was lucky enough to bring a bunch of my friends to go camping in the west of Ireland. Many of my pals had never been camping before so this was a bit of fun and a personal highlight was bringing them on a “pilgrimage” up Ireland holiest mountain.

Croagh Patrick, also known as the Reek, has been a place of reflection  since the stone age when Pagans used to climb the hill in the hopes of having a good harvest. St Patrick himself made the pilgrimage in in 441 AD. I have made this trip a number of time since 1978 and I reflect that it seems to be getting harder with each trip. It was never an easy climb but many of the modern visitors choose to make the ascent barefoot as a form of penance.  For my sins I chose to drag a small pinhole camera with me.

You can hire a stick at the base and as you climb you can enjoy the view of Clew bay and the Irish countryside.

The pinhole camera was the terraPin Bijou Sidewinder 6×4.5 Pinhole Camera. Film was Foma100 developed in Rodinol 1+25 for 4 minutes.


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