Twin Peaks tourists – Washington State

Last summer my husband and I found ourselves in Redmond, WA overnight for photography show opening. While we were there we found out we were really close to a couple of locations where Twin Peaks was filmed. Since we are both giant fans of the show we knew we needed to take the long way home so we could meander through the small towns of Snoqualamie and North Bend.

Our first stop was Snoqualimie Falls and the Salish Lodge. You might remember the falls from the opening credits of the show.

It was a really bright sunny day and I I got some cool sun flare in my pinhole photo of it. I am disappointed that I didn’t happen to have color film in my camera though

Exposure Time: Less than 5 seconds. 
We did check out the Salish Lodge, which was the location of The Great Northern Hotel in the show, located at the top of the falls. I didn’t get any decent pinhole shots, unfortunately.

We then made our way down the highway to North Bend, where Twede’s Cafe is, in the show it was the Double D Diner.

I tried some cherry pie. It was truly damn good!!

Cherry Pie 

Silverware at the Double R Diner.

These were all made with my fabulous Terrapin Bijou and Fuji Acros 100.

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