The Lost Cause (or, not looking under the rug)

the lost cause

I was in Virginia last summer, with a little time to wander. I couldn’t help noticing that the two central memorial parks in the town I was walking through were both named for Confederate generals. Both parks featured big equestrian statues, installed in the early 1920s. What can I do with that kind of history? The days of reveling in (imagined) Confederate glory should be well over – but the monuments still stand, unyielding.

4 thoughts on “The Lost Cause (or, not looking under the rug)

  1. It always leaves me scratching my head when I see Confederate statues, and especially the flag. I mean, they failed. There is no glory there. It also occurs to me that it has to be the most un-
    American thing ever.


    1. You could say the exact same thing about the Alamo (you failed!), also in parts of the south they refer the Civil War as The War of Northern Aggression.


  2. it’s a weighty subject. that happened – history doesn’t just disappear. i wasn’t just a tourist – i’m from the south, and my distant grandfather fought on the losing side. all the same, i don’t think the past was ever really reckoned with. a lot was pushed under the rug in the name of getting back to business, perhaps. statues erected, in the name of what? i’m afraid that a lot of the time they commemorated the continuation of a system of thought that was supposedly defeated, but which instead just took a few steps sideways and continued on.


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