Dun na Rí Forest Park

Rabbit Bridge - PinholeThis year for world pinhole photography day I visited an old haunt. I lived very near Dun na Rí for about 6 years and it was at one stage one of my favourite places to run my dogs. This was many years before I was as keenly interested in photography and had you told me that one day I would set off with a pinhole camera to try and capture the beauty of the park I would have asked you “what’s a pinhole camera”.

The park itself is a gorge on the banks of the Cabra river and my first shot in my series here is one that I decided I wanted to try and take at exactly 12:00GMT so that I could include it in the WPPD2015 gallery Eur1200 group. It pretty much turned out how I had hoped. I took two pinhole cameras with me. My zero image 4×5 (25mm focal length) and a homemade 4×5  (50mm focal length) that my father built for me. It had been a long time since I left home with two pinhole cameras in my bag.

It was a fun way to spend a day and I even managed to convince my pal Nivetha to try taking a pinhole portrait with the camera. She was annoyingly good at this for a first attempt!

Road to the Rising #1


Road to the Rising #1

Road to the Rising #1Road to the Rising #1 Road to the Rising #1 Road to the Rising #1 Nivetha - Pinhole


Pinhole 4×5 (Horseman 120 roll back fitted)

Film: Foma 100

Dev: Rodinal 1+ 50 9mins

Originally posted on my own page awareofthevoid.com 

One thought on “Dun na Rí Forest Park

  1. Nivetha’s pinhole portrait of you is fantastic! I can’t believe that is her first pinhole photo. She is clearly a natural.

    I clicked over the Awareofthevoid and re-read your “pinhole portrait assisted by dog” post and it reminded me to scan the some negatives i’ve had sitting here for a week. In one of the shots a dog came up behind me and became interested in my camera and actually licked the “lens.” I can’t wait to see how it comes out…

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