Kralingse Plas en Bos

Inge Kralingen_1

Exposure time: 7 seconds (Holga 120PC, Ilford Delta 100)

Close to my home are the Kralingse Plas and Bos (Kralingen lake and woods). I often go there to clear my head, walk around and to get some quiet time in the big city. A walk around the lake is about 5 kilometres, but there are also walking routes through the woods in the area. When I walk around the lake I always take a camera with me, and on some occasions I’ve also brought a pinhole camera. The woods have a variety of deciduous and pine trees, many birds and really old trees in odd shapes.

Inge kralingen_2

Exposure time: 30 seconds (Dirkoma S Multi, Rollei RPX25)

Yep, that’s one tree! At some places in the lake there are walking platforms.

Inge kralingen_3

Exposure time: 3,5 seconds (Dirkoma S Multi, Rollei RPX25)

The Kralingse Bos was also the location of the first three day festival in Europe, as an answer to Woodstock festival. It took place in June 1970, and bands playing there included Santana, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds. There’s quite a lot of footage on YouTube from the festival, like this link:

Camera: Holga 120PC / Dirkoma S Multi
Pinhole: 0.25 mm / ?
Focal Length: 48 mm / 40 mm
Aperture: f192 / f140
Dev: Adox Adonal stand development
Scan: Canoscan 9000F

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