Sauvie Island

Exposure time: 6 seconds
Exposure time: 6 seconds

I have been trying to come up with an apt description of this place since I visited it a few weeks ago. I found it on yelp by the user, Danni D. of Portland:

If the city of Portland and the planet of Alderaan had a love child (before the Death Star got all Death Star-y), it would be Sauvie Island. It’s so close to the city, but it’s like you’re in a galaxy far, far away once you cross the bridge.

My husband works often on the weekend and I am always looking for something to do while he is at work. I use this time to go out on a pinhole adventure by myself. A few weeks ago I dropped him off and headed north. I drove and drove, past Portland, until I ended up here: at Sauvie Island.

What a strange place.

When you cross the bridge you are in a different world entirely.  It is kind of indescribable. I drove for miles and miles on this island and I felt like I was drifting into another dimension. As I was driving I imagined myself cut off from the world and there was something exciting about that. Nobody knew where I was. There was something freeing about being completely un-tethered.  And then I got a notification on my phone that someone “liked” my status on Facebook and that fantasy was dashed. I stopped my car and got out and walked over to the field to my right and pinholed the photo you see above. All around me birds, hundreds of them, were singing. It was loud! And it was beautiful.

Sauvie Island is an island in the middle of the Columbia River. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the largest river islands in the U.S. Most of it is wildlife refuge but there are people who live here. I passed several homes as I drove through. I wanted to stop and take photos of cows but was a little afraid. I didn’t want the home owners wondering what I was doing standing in front of their property. I found out about this place because some friends hiked here. Apparently there are miles of really great hiking trails that I plan to check out someday in the future.

Exposure time: 5 seconds.
Exposure time: 5 seconds.

Camera: Holga WPC 6×12 mask
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Pinhole: 0.3mm
Focal Length: 40mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f135
Dev: C-41 by lab
Scan: Epson V500

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2 thoughts on “Sauvie Island

  1. I went to a wedding on Sauvie Island last summer. beautiful setting for such an event. Your right about driving around it, and the feeling of getting lost in another world. Reminds me alot of driving along the farm roads of the Skagit Valley about an hour north of Seattle.


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