Radio Kootwijk

IMG_0001Exposure time: 4 seconds

Last weekend I went on a little minibreak to De Veluwe, a national park in the Netherlands. I decided to visit Radio Kootwijk, a place I had heard of but had never been before. The building was built in an art deco style in 1923, basically in the middle of nowhere. The reason for that was simple: it was going to be used as a radio post to enable communication between the Netherlands and Bandung, Indonesia (when it was still a Dutch colony), and they didn’t want any nuisance in the radio connection.

The builders weren’t allowed to use any nails or wood at that time, because it could interfere with the radio connection. Therefor they made the building out of concrete, which was quite unique at the time. This building hosted the machines and there’s a separate tower that was used as a broadcasting tower. During WWII it was used by the Germans so they could communicate with their submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. The place was shut down in 1999, because broadcasting via satellite was more modern. Unfortunately the building itself is not open for visitors. Sometimes there are tours available. Around the building is some beautiful nature, where you can walk, cycle or ride horses. It is a varied scenery with heather, woods and sands.

IMG_0004Exposure time: 3 seconds

IMG_0005Exposure time: 4 seconds

IMG_0007 Exposure time: 3 seconds

Camera: Holga 120 PC
Film: Fuji Neopan 100
Pinhole: 0.25mm
Focal Length: 48mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f192
Dev: home developed in Adox Adonal (stand development)
Scan: Canon Canoscan 9000F



6 thoughts on “Radio Kootwijk

  1. Excellent, love the pinholes! I grew up in the village of Ugchelen, close by, and spent my youth in these woods. At the time you could only see Radio Kootwijk from a distance as the area was closed off but I went back in 2012 when I heard it was accessible. Follow the link in my name to see my take on this unique building.


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