The Yellow Steeple

The Yellow Steeple

Despite the impression that I might be giving on this blog there is also new buildings in this country. But for now I will carry on pin holing some of the older ruins that I pass on my weekly travels.

Built in 1368 in the grounds of the abbey of the blessed virgin. The steeple over looks the river Boyne and from here you can see Trim castle and much of the surrounding area.  The Yellow steeple derives its name from the golden colour of the stonework during sunset, so pretty much shooting it with black and white film on a very overcast day does not fully convey the beauty of the building. I will revisit this area but until then here is a picture of some cows for your viewing pleasure.

Pin Hole

Homemade 4×5 Pinhole Camera (Horseman 120 rollback fitted)
Film: Ilford Hp5
Dev: Agfa Studional 1+ 50 (11 mins 20c)
Focal Length:50mm
Exposure:15 seconds

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