Slaughterhouse Five

Exposure time: 4 seconds

When I was in Dresden, Germany recently, I went looking for Slaughterhouse Five (Schlachthof Fünf), the place that Kurt Vonnegut wrote about in his book “Slaughterhouse Five”. Vonnegut was locked up as a prisoner of war in Dresden during WWII, and only survived the heavy bombings of the city because he (and the other POWs) were put in the refridgerators of the slaughterhouses. After the bombings the POWs had to remove all the rubble and dead bodies from the city. This inspired him to write the book.

To get there, we had to leave the city center and go to the Messegelände (Exhibition Grounds). This used to be the Schlachthof (Slaughterhouse) of the city. We saw some renovated buildings that are in use as exhibition buildings. At the entrance, there are a few things that give away the history of the building. There are some mosaïcs and a statue of a cow.

We decided to walk around the grounds and noticed some old buildings at the back of the place. Through the windows we saw white tiles, and these buildings looked like little slaughterhouses. I set up my camera and snapped away. I don’t know for sure if one of the buildings is the actual Slaughterhouse Five, but it sure was interesting to spend time at the place and reflect on what happened to the city of Dresden. Unfortunately, all the abandoned buildings were behind a fence. Otherwise it would have been an awesome location for some urban exploration….

Exposure time: 4 seconds

Camera: Diana Multi Pinhole Operator
Film: Lomography CN100
Pinhole: 0.227mm
Focal Length: 29mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f128
Dev: C-41 by Lab
Scan: Canon Canoscan 9000F

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