Bagby Hot Springs – take 2

Bagby Hot Sprints, take 2.

I am not sure if this deserves a new post, but what the hell. Why not? You might recall that I visited Bagby Hot Springs with my Zero and slide film. I wasn’t super thrilled with the way the slide film came out after being cross processed. So I went back a month ago, camera loaded with the now-discontinued (sob) Fuji Reala.

We found ourselves in the exact same stall as the previous photo, and so, I took the exact same shot. I think I like this version better. You can see me sitting on the bench on the left. My husband was filling up the bath with cold water (it took several trips with a bucket) and you can make him out if you look closely. The hot water from the spring is coming from the spout at the top of the tub.

This place is one of the reasons why I love living in the Pacific Northwest. A photo honestly can’t replicate how incredibly beautiful it is here. Laying in a tub full of hot water coming off of a volcano, looking up at the canopy of Douglas Fir above. It doesn’t get any better than that.

You can read more about my first adventure at Bagby Hot Springs on Blatherskite.

Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Fuji Reala
Pinhole: 0.18mm
Focal Length: 25mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f138
Exposure: 8 minutes 39 seconds.
Dev: C-41 by Lab
Scan:Epson V500

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