Haystack Rock – Oregon Coast


Haystack Rock 2
Zero 4×5 (25mm), Graflex ’23’ 120 rollback + Ektar 100 @ 5 ish seconds.

“Three rocks, I know it. I’ve got a feeling about this one.” … “You always have a feeling, Mikey. Every time you have a feeling you get us in trouble.” – The Goonies.

Haystack Rock is a sea stack located on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach. It was made famous in the movie The Goonies. It is the most recognized geological monoliths on the Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock IS the Oregon Coast. It’s shorthand for “Oregon Coast.” According to some, it is the third largest free-standing sea stack in the world.

It was created by lava flows 10 million years ago, (along with several other rock formations along the coast).

Another fun fact: William Clark landed here during his expedition with Lewis in 1806. Of the view he stated:

“…the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed, in front of a boundless Ocean…”

Haystack Rock 1
Zero 4×5, 50mm configuration + Arista 100 @ 5 seconds.

Indeed. The view is pretty spectacular.

4 thoughts on “Haystack Rock – Oregon Coast

    1. Thanks Brendan! I want to re watch it myself. At some point I want to pinhole the Goonies house in Astoria. We drove by there on Halloween but it was too rainy for photography 😦


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