Bridal Veil Falls – Columbia Gorge, Oregon


Bridal Veil Falls is yet another beautiful waterfall in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon. Apparently when there is lots of water flowing through here it looks like a bridal veil?

I have never been able to photograph this place in a way that pleases me completely. However, a few months ago when I visited alone I hiked to the vista and found a shoe sitting on the railing. But it wasn’t just a shoe. It was A SHOE.


My first thought was, “oh look! A stiletto just sitting there atop a railing. I need to pinhole that!” And then, after I took the shot, I thought, “why is there a red stilletto sitting atop the railing at the falls?” And then I realized I was alone. And then it was all downhill after that. My brain had a whole murder-scene story going on full blast. Needless to say, I hiked the half a mile uphill to the the parking lot very quickly.

The photo below was taken on a nice photo hike with my husband a couple of weeks ago. Hiking the Gorge with others FTW.


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